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I’ve been a bit remiss in checking the positivity@makeyourday.info email address over the last few days – bad Katie, no biscuit – so I was incredibly pleasantly suprised when I logged into it this evening to find emails from some very lovely ladies.

Thanks to Sarah and Carolyn, who decorated Launceston, Tasmania:

And Megan in Taipa, Macau S.A.R., China:

The rest of the photographs these wonderful women have given me are up on the Going Global set on the Flickr.

Cheers, and thankyou all so much,


Going Global

Last night, I added a new page to the blog – Get Involved. The full details can be seen there; but the basic premise is that people print out positive messages; stick them up in public; photograph them; and then send me the photograph or post it on the facebook group.

I was absolutely delighted and amazed when I got home this afternoon (after an excellent day battling pirates) to find this up on facebook:

Thankyou, John from Newcastle – you improved my already fantastic day!

And another big thankyou to Elyse in Sydney, who posted several pictures this evening:

Going Global has its own Flickr Set – keep an eye out.



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