Day Three: Draw Something

I spent the day in Civic today, with a whiteboard and a sign that said “draw something”. And people did. Things were pretty slow at first – a beautiful sunday afternoon, pretty much everyone in Canberra was off doing something more fun than shopping, so there weren’t many folks about – but it picked up once I set the whiteboard up in the entrance to the food court.

Mostly the white board drew a lot of bemused looks, but quite a few people had a go and it even gathered a bit of a crowd at one point.

Draw Something seemed to be a pretty big hit with passing kids, which was really nice. Some of them were sitting at a nearby table and came back two or three times to add things.

I was told off by security for having a camera – apparently my dslr and telephoto lens (I was lurking some distance away, being inconspicous) are not discreet enough, but the iPhone snuck past.

My major problem was setup – I didn’t have an easel, so I had to make do with propping the board up against whatever was handy. In the foodcourt I had a chair, so that was fine; but in a lot of places that meant that it ended up on the floor. This didn’t work nearly as well – it was below eyeheight, so a lot of people didn’t even notice it; and having to kneel discouraged people from using it if they did see it.

Some of them still had a go though.

I took some photographs of the art throughout the day. It was interesting to see how people worked with the existing art – some of them altered it; some of them drew around it; and some of them wiped it out to draw their own.

As always, more photos are up on the Make Your Day photostream.



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