Day Four: Hopscotch

I started this morning at 7:30am in Civic with a full box of Jumbo Chalk.

I finished at 12:30pm at Fellow’s Oval with significantly less chalk.

Over the course of the morning, I walked a hell of a long way and drew 41 hopscotches of varying shapes (but all the traditional 10square size).

Today’s project raised an issue that I was aware would eventually crop up, but wasn’t really sure how to deal with – is it still causing happiness if I’m not there to see it?

The obvious answer is yes, of course it is. But it’s a tricky issue – I don’t know if all 41 hopscotches got hopped on. I’m going to take a wild guess and say no, they didn’t. But I know some of them did, because I saw people hopping on them. Not a lot of people, but the first guy I saw made my day, and all the others were just a bonus.

I would probably consider an event a failure if I didn’t get any positive feedback at all. But today I saw a guy hop through one of the hopscotches without even breaking his stride; a man walked past as I was drawing one and did a little hopscotch dance; a lot of people smiled at me; and one man laughed and told me he was too old for hopscotches. That’s enough for me.

These aren’t easy things to document. I do the best I can, but it’s hard to pin down a smile from a passerby. In any case, I saw enough smiles today to satisfy me.

Photos of most of the hopscotches are up on the Make Your Day photostream.



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  1. Inca’s avatar

    Hi Katie!

    I was lucky enough to come across one of your hopscotches outside the Research School of Chemistry at ANU yesterday. After a rather stressful afternoon of speeches it was refreshing, if somewhat surprising, to find such a source of good old-fashioned entertainment right in my path. Doing the hopscotch made me immediately push aside all the worries floating about my mind, and focus on something completely devoted to the purpose of wonderful frivilous carefree fun…something I now realise I must do more often!

    Thankyou so much for the release and realisations, and good luck for the rest of this truly worthwhile project.


  2. Jess’s avatar

    Seeing all the hopscotches around ANU makes me smile, even if I don’t do them!

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