Day Five: Free Range Beachball

Yesterday, I bought a beachball. This morning, I wrote “kick me” on it, and set it free in union court.

My intention was that people would see the ball, kick the ball, and I would follow it and see where it ended up.
Unfortunately, the ball had other plans. It was a windy day, so I spent a lot of time following the ball as it rolled itself about the place – with the occasional rescue whenever the ball rolled itself into an out of the way corner. Perhaps it was shy, or maybe it just didn’t want to get kicked.

But, despite its best efforts – it got kicked.

Admittedly, the ball got a lot more laughs and smiles than it got kicks. Which I find quite interesting – people were amused by the ball, but didn’t want to interact with it. This is something I’m coming across a lot with participatory works – people see them, smile at them, but don’t want to actually participate. This will shape future events – in the next week, I am going to try out a few events that don’t require active participation.

In any case, some people were happy to participate. Some people just kicked the ball as they were walking past, but a couple of people had a little bit more fun with it.

As always, the full set of photographs from today is up on the Make Your Day Flickr.



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