Day Eight: Magnetic

Today I left a path of happiness from the Peter Karmel Building to Myers and then back again.

There were a few dramas getting magnets printed, but it all worked out in the end. Since it was just black and white text, it didn’t have to be particularly high quality.

Over the course of about an hour and a half, I distrubuted about 50 positive messages through Civic. I quickly discovered that not all metallic surfaces are magnetic (that hadn’t even occured to me) – but thankfully most pole, bins, benches, bicycles and cars are.

I tried to leave messages in both discreet, suprising places, and really obvious places where someone will definately happen across them. I didn’t stick around to see what happened with the messages, but the lady who asked me what I was doing gave me a smile – mission accomplished.

More photos of today can be found in the Day Eight: Magnetic set on the Flickr Photostream.



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  1. Cameron Chamberlain’s avatar

    This one is cool :) magnets are good.
    Smile is creepy (feels like surveillance).
    you look nice reminds me of my favourite podcast (

    today IS good

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