Day Nine: Cupcakes

Today’s happy event was a cupcake stall at Gorman House Markets.

The premise was pretty simple. People decorated their cupcake, I photographed their cupcake, they are their cupcake. From left to right: Cupcakes, Napkins, Blue Icing, Pink Icing, Gummi Bears, Smarties, Jelly Beans, Party Lollies, Chocolate Freckles.

It went really well – it was a big hit with the kids, who weren’t at all phased by being offered free cupcakes; and once adults got over the shock of not having to pay, some of them got involved as well.

I was prepared with business cards this morning, so I was able to give them to people who were curious about what I was doing. I was a little less prepared for the effects of the sun – it didn’t quite click for me that sunshine actually melts things. But it didn’t get too messy, so it was okay. And people made some amazing cupcake creations.

I had a really fun time, and I got really positive reactions from everybody who went past. I was there for about an hour and a half overall, and it was excellent. Even if I did enough warm lollies to make myself ill – oops.

As always, there are ridiculous amounts of photographs up on today’s set on the flickr. Big thanks to Cathy at Gorman House Markets, who let me set up and didn’t even charge me a stall fee (ahh, nepotism).



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  1. Selina Lucarini’s avatar

    Hi, Katie!

    My name is Selina and I’m 14 years old. For the last term of one of my classes, I am allowed to chose what I want to do for the assessment. After browsing your site, I have decided I would love to do something like yours.

    Instead of the whole town like you do, I plan to do it just in my high school. Because some of your days are incompatible with a school setting, I’ll be borrowing about four or five ideas, along with my own and I plan to do it over 20 days.

    Do I have permission to do this? It will be called Make My Day instead of Make Your Day and it will be based on depression and how to get help, as well as making people smile and be happier. It will focus more on the depression rather than what I’m actually doing.

    Thanks for your time, would you be able to email me on I would be happy to update you with the progress of the project.

  2. Selina Lucarini’s avatar

    Oh, I’m also in TQC, I found this website from your post. I live in QLD :) On lj I am smelinaa.

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