Day Ten: Bottle Drop

Today I left messages in bottles throughout Belconnen.

Each bottle contained a handwritten note with a positive message on it. I made sure the notes were sticking out of the top of the bottle, so people would be sure to notice them and not confuse the bottles with rubbish.

I left 30 bottle messages in all sorts of places – some discreet, some obvious. I know at least two of them were discovered – a friend heard some people joking about one of them; and when I went back past another the message was gone but the bottle was still there. I hope someone got a smile from that one.

The bottle drop went pretty well, apart from the weather. It intermittently poured with rain, which complicated things a little. I ended up having to call the drop off early, when it started bucketing down and I stopped being able to feel my toes.

Photos of most of the dropped bottles are up on the Bottle Drop Set on the Make Your Day Flickr.



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