Day Twelve: Bubblewrap Day

Today’s little joy was accomplished with the aid of a pair of (blunt) scissors, a roll of tape, and 20m of bubblewrap. Quite simply, there are very few pleasures in life greater than popping little bubbles – but how often do you actually come across bubble wrap in your day to day life? Bubblewrap is a rare treat.

But not today! Today, the ANU was festooned with bubblewrap.

I wandered around campus, wrapping a variety of objects. Generally I tried to wrap objects that people interact with – chairs, tables, etc – on the premise that it would encourage people to actually pop the bubble wrap, rather than just staring at it in bemusement.

The PJs sauce bottles didn’t last long (neither did the table I wrapped) – staff removed the bubblewrap pretty quickly. The stuff in the rest of the ANU survived a lot longer though.

I think the most successful was the banister in Union Court – a lot of people saw me wrapping it, and several of them stopped and had a chat about what I was doing; and lots of people popped the bubbles as they walked past.

I also bubblewrapped a Zebra crossing, which was quite fun. A very nice maintenance man offered me a witches hat, so I wouldn’t get run over; and some girls passing by had a good laugh and jumped on it, which was fun to see.

I was really pleased with how today went. I got a lot of feedback from people who saw what I was doing – and a lot of them mentioned previous events to me and asked me if I was responsible for those as well. I was prepared with business cards again today, so I handed out a few of those. It was a really nice day for me, and I saw quite a few other people having fun with it as well.

More photographs on the Bubblewrap Day Set on the Flickr.



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  1. Sarah’s avatar

    This looks absolutley amazing!

    I only wish I went to ANU/ lived in Canberra so that I could enjoy your project.

    I’m hard pressed to find a favourite day!

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