Day Fourteen: Zombie Beatdown

This is Eustace.
He took me approximately 15 hours to build. It took the Zombie Beatdown Mob less than 15 minutes to completely pulverise him.

It didn’t actually occur to me until after the event, but today’s event was essentially a flash mob. We came, we beat a zombie, we dispersed.

It was pretty awesome. Most of the people who were there knew about it in advance, but we did get some passing randoms involved. It was a lot of fun, and people really seemed to get into the spirit of the event, which was really thrilling for me. Playing pinyata is a little silly looking, so I thought people would probably be reluctant, but it wasn’t really an issue. People played, which was what I was after. A little bit of fun and silliness.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have armed the players with a fairly solid cricket bat. Perhaps Eustace would have lasted a little longer that way…

This was the killing blow that actually decapitated Eustace and sent him to the ground, where he was promptly torn to shreads. And then beaten some more. Vicious bunch, these beatdowners. Driven mad by their lust for candy, no doubt.

One of the highlights of the event for me was the passing muppet who took a swing at Eustace’s crumpled body. Even muppets hate zombies.

It’s starting to get a little old saying this, but – I really, really enjoyed today. I had fun, other people had fun – what more could I actually ask for? It would have been nice to get some more photographs, because there was a lot going on and the lighting was pretty poor… but if that’s the worst part of today, today went pretty damn well.

Lots more photographs are up on the Zombie Beatdown set on the Flickr.



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