Day Eighteen: Roll Me

Big is BACK today – and oh, so big – in the form of a giant pair of fluffy dice.

The dice are made from 50cm x 50cm x 50cm packing boxes; old doona inserts; and lots and lots of cloth tape. Ah cloth tape, my dear friend.

I headed into Garema Place at about mid afternoon, and with the help of some lovely friends (cheers guys!), hung the dice from a tree.

People passing by seemed to enjoy the dice. A lot of people gave it bemused looks, some people just ignored it entirely (jaded, methinks), and quite a few people wandered up to them and poked, pushed, or even punched them.

My favourite though, was a little kid in a green shirt who came along maybe half an hour after the dice went up. He saw them, ran straight for them, and had an absolutely ball playing with them. It was awesome.

Sadly, I am reliably informed that the dice were gone by 7pm. I have no idea if they were officially removed, or just adopted by someone who really really wanted a giant dice… whereever they went, I hope they found a good home.

I had a lot of fun with this event, and it was just what I needed to motivate me to get through the next three days. It’s the home stretch, and I am absolutely exhausted. But today was fantastic, and I feel ready for tomorrow.

More photos up on today’s set on the flickr.