Day Nineteen: Limited Edition

Today I visited the university’s main study spots (Chiefly, Hancock, Menzies, and the Art Library) and left little “positive word” badges about the place. A small happy, but I hope at least one brighten’s someone’s day.

Sorry I don’t have a lot to say about today’s project, but it was pretty simple and I am absolutely flat out getting ready for tomorrow. Penultimate project!

As always, plenty of photographs up on the Limited Edition set on the Flickr.




  1. Jess’s avatar

    At least one of them brightened my day! Thanks :D

  2. Adam’s avatar

    Those are AWESOME. I’d love a bunch of those… Are they easy to make? I’ve always wanted to make my own badges but don’t know how =|

  3. admin’s avatar

    They’re easy to make, but you need a badge making machine. Thankfully I had access to one through the Art School, because they’re a bit pricey.

  4. Bridget’s avatar

    I found one of the badges (’hope’) in Chifley at about 8.30 the other night, and it really made my day! I was telling everyone at college about it until finally someone pointed me in the direction of your blog, and I’ve spent the last half hour reading it all. I think it’s fantastic, you’ve done such a great job! I’m only sorry I missed out on so much else (the hopscotchs and the bubble wrap, which I saw around uni earlier, make sense now – and yes, I did hopscotch, as soon as I saw them).

  5. Phoebe’s avatar

    Katie, I found the beauty badge in the downstairs Hancock bathroom at 4.30pm. And it made my day! I really needed some brightening up, as do most of us at exam time. It was just beautiful.
    I took it with me for a few hours, then went and dropped it in a different bathroom in Hancock…I don’t know where it ended up!

    The other cool thing is today I saw the Menzies staff have kept on of the badges behind the loans desk. I told them about your website, the guy was really happy to know what it was all about.

    So you made my day again!

    Thank you for your project, it’s been perfect.

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