Day Twenty: Directions

Today’s event – happy “road signs” all over Canberra Northside – is one that I’ve been preparing for the last week or so, and I am incredibly excitied to actually see the results. Just to note: No public property was harmed in the making of this project – the signs are all attatched to the poles using zip-ties.

I made a variety of signs out of MDF (kindly jigsaw’d by Andrew), and spray painted stencils onto them. They’re not the most professional looking of signs, but I actually really like the obviously homemade aesthetic. I think it reminds people that these signs didn’t just appear; somebody created them and deliberately left them there.

The signs are scattered all about the place in the northern suburbs of Canberra. I deliberately avoided main roads, so as not to distract people doing 80km/hour.

I think the signs turned out really nicely. Again, this is a hard project to gauge people’s reactions to, and I just have to rely on the feedback I’m getting from the photographs. Which has been positive, so something must have gone right.

The “right way keep going” sign and the “:)” sign are my two favourite. Unfortunately the right way keep going was the first sign I stenciled, so I hadn’t quite gotten the technique down yet, but oh well.

Huge thanks to Piggy and Kev, who went out very early in the AM with me last night to put the signs up. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, guys – thanks so much.

More photographs are up on the Directions Set on the Flickr.



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  1. Jacob’s avatar

    This is a fantastic site. If only we call all be doing this the world would be so much happier ;)

  2. Inspired’s avatar

    Just thought I’d let you know this happy event was posted and subsequently discussed on a local Canberra news/forum site – RiotAct (

    Have a lovely day! :)

  3. Gerry’s avatar

    with Google Street View in town, I wonder how many of these will be immortalised (at least, in the updated Street View)… nice work

  4. The Shopping Sherpa’s avatar

    I’ve driven past the “Right way keep going” sign several times and figured it must have been you (I’m behind in my blogreading…)

    Thanks for making me smile!

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