Day Two: Daisy Chain Factory

The Daisy Chain Factory opened its doors at 12pm today, outside Gorman House. The factory workers (well, me) got quite a few smiles, and even a couple of friendly laughs, in the hour she spent picking daisies before moving inside to the factory proper.

Over the next couple of hours, the Daisy Chain Factory churned out daisy chains. The Daisy Chain Factory got a very warm reception from the customers of the Gorman House Markets.

After spending a few hours at the markets, the Daisy Chain Factory headed into Civic to spread the daisy love.

The daisy wearing sheep got an audible laugh from a group of women walking past, which was very satisfying. I hoped it would cause giggles, but actually hearing them was very rewarding.

Incidentally, there is something immensely liberating in walking through civic draped in flowers. I can’t pin it down specifically, but it’s fantastic. I recommend it to everybody.

More photos of the day can be seen on the Make Your Day Flickr Photostream.



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