Get Involved

An important aspect of Make Your Day is spreading positive messages. I’m spreading them wherever I can reach, but the world is a big place – so I’d like to ask you to help me.

It’s pretty simple. Just click on whichever of the messages below appeals to¬† you the most, print out the resulting image, stick it up somewhere, and take a photograph! The photographs can be emailed to or submitted directly to the facebook group, if you’re a member. I’ll then be posting the images to the flickr and the blog. When you submit an photograph, please tell me where it was taken (you don’t have to be too specific) and if you’d like your name attributed with it.




Have a nice day

Have a nice night

You’re doing a good job



Don’t Worry; Be Happy

Think Happy

Eat, Drink, Be Merry

Love someone

Today is Good

Look Up

Find Joy

Have hope

Laugh more

Don’t forget to smile


Do it, I dare you

Time for fun

Go out and play

  1. jo lynch’s avatar

    Dear Katie – I really enjoyed reading this – where do I email the photo to?
    Keep up the good work!
    Love – Jo

  2. admin’s avatar

    hey Jo,

    you can email the photo to either ; or :)

    Lots of love, and talk to you soon,

  3. Jamie’s avatar

    “Do it, I dare you” has to be my favourite! (And is also my new desktop background :P )