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This is Eustace.
He took me approximately 15 hours to build. It took the Zombie Beatdown Mob less than 15 minutes to completely pulverise him.

It didn’t actually occur to me until after the event, but today’s event was essentially a flash mob. We came, we beat a zombie, we dispersed.

It was pretty awesome. Most of the people who were there knew about it in advance, but we did get some passing randoms involved. It was a lot of fun, and people really seemed to get into the spirit of the event, which was really thrilling for me. Playing pinyata is a little silly looking, so I thought people would probably be reluctant, but it wasn’t really an issue. People played, which was what I was after. A little bit of fun and silliness.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have armed the players with a fairly solid cricket bat. Perhaps Eustace would have lasted a little longer that way…

This was the killing blow that actually decapitated Eustace and sent him to the ground, where he was promptly torn to shreads. And then beaten some more. Vicious bunch, these beatdowners. Driven mad by their lust for candy, no doubt.

One of the highlights of the event for me was the passing muppet who took a swing at Eustace’s crumpled body. Even muppets hate zombies.

It’s starting to get a little old saying this, but – I really, really enjoyed today. I had fun, other people had fun – what more could I actually ask for? It would have been nice to get some more photographs, because there was a lot going on and the lighting was pretty poor… but if that’s the worst part of today, today went pretty damn well.

Lots more photographs are up on the Zombie Beatdown set on the Flickr.



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If I was an American, I’d plead the fifth. As it is, today’s post is pic heavy, word light.

More photographs on today’s set on the flickr.



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Today’s little joy was accomplished with the aid of a pair of (blunt) scissors, a roll of tape, and 20m of bubblewrap. Quite simply, there are very few pleasures in life greater than popping little bubbles – but how often do you actually come across bubble wrap in your day to day life? Bubblewrap is a rare treat.

But not today! Today, the ANU was festooned with bubblewrap.

I wandered around campus, wrapping a variety of objects. Generally I tried to wrap objects that people interact with – chairs, tables, etc – on the premise that it would encourage people to actually pop the bubble wrap, rather than just staring at it in bemusement.

The PJs sauce bottles didn’t last long (neither did the table I wrapped) – staff removed the bubblewrap pretty quickly. The stuff in the rest of the ANU survived a lot longer though.

I think the most successful was the banister in Union Court – a lot of people saw me wrapping it, and several of them stopped and had a chat about what I was doing; and lots of people popped the bubbles as they walked past.

I also bubblewrapped a Zebra crossing, which was quite fun. A very nice maintenance man offered me a witches hat, so I wouldn’t get run over; and some girls passing by had a good laugh and jumped on it, which was fun to see.

I was really pleased with how today went. I got a lot of feedback from people who saw what I was doing – and a lot of them mentioned previous events to me and asked me if I was responsible for those as well. I was prepared with business cards again today, so I handed out a few of those. It was a really nice day for me, and I saw quite a few other people having fun with it as well.

More photographs on the Bubblewrap Day Set on the Flickr.



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Oh. My. God.

I have actually been rendered inarticulate with joy.

Today was amazing. Or should I say Arrrrrmazing.

Today, I enlisted Kiri to dress up as a pirate and challenge people to duels in Union Court.It was fantastic. I had fun; Kiri had fun; and a whole lot of other people had fun too. Over two hours, Kiri fought about 30 pirate duels (and lost about 20 of them…); accosted approximately 50% of people passing by; and even scored some hugs.

Amazingly, the majority of duelists were people who didn’t know us; didn’t know what we were doing; but responded to Kiri’s demands for a fight. Sometimes after the fight they’d ask for details, but generally they just went happily on their way. The people who asked for details were great – I had a good chat with a few people and got some really positive feedback, and a lot of people said they’d check out the facebook group.

Speaking of the facebook group – “Fight A Pirate” was advertised on the official group as starting at 11:30am this morning in Union Court. At about 11:35, a guy showed up who told us he’d seen it on facebook and had to be there. I have no idea who he was. I have no idea how he knew about the project. I’d say he made my day, but my day just kept getting better from there. (I actually heard someone exclaim “this has made my day” while photographing his friend dueling – that was pretty damn satisfying.)

People responded really positively to “Fight A Pirate” – we only had one actively hostile heckle; a lot of people laughed; a lot of people came back for a second look. There were a fair few bemused glances and quite a lot of nervous laughter; as well as people who actively avoided us, but that was to be expected. While it was fantastic to see people accepting the challenge and fighting the pirate, it was also really interesting to see how people declined – generally with a very polite “no thankyou” or “maybe later” – even though Kiri was shouting abuse and calling them cowardly seadogs. Amazing.

I am absolutely satisfied with how today went. It has without a doubt been the best day so far, and I have no idea how I’m going to top it. The only thing that I think could have been improved on was that I was unprepared for the interest people showed in the project and so I hadn’t thought about giving them any way to follow up with it. Although I told them about the facebook group and the blog, it would have been nice to have business cards with the URL to hand out to interested parties.

The next few days are going to be pretty low key – today was intense, and I am exhausted. It was absolutely worth it though – I had so much fun, and so did everybody else.

There are a lot more photos in the Fight a Pirate set on the official Make Your Day photostream – check them out!

And, once again, a huge THANKYOU to Kiri, who was a fantastic pirate and made today possible.



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Yesterday, I bought a beachball. This morning, I wrote “kick me” on it, and set it free in union court.

My intention was that people would see the ball, kick the ball, and I would follow it and see where it ended up.
Unfortunately, the ball had other plans. It was a windy day, so I spent a lot of time following the ball as it rolled itself about the place – with the occasional rescue whenever the ball rolled itself into an out of the way corner. Perhaps it was shy, or maybe it just didn’t want to get kicked.

But, despite its best efforts – it got kicked.

Admittedly, the ball got a lot more laughs and smiles than it got kicks. Which I find quite interesting – people were amused by the ball, but didn’t want to interact with it. This is something I’m coming across a lot with participatory works – people see them, smile at them, but don’t want to actually participate. This will shape future events – in the next week, I am going to try out a few events that don’t require active participation.

In any case, some people were happy to participate. Some people just kicked the ball as they were walking past, but a couple of people had a little bit more fun with it.

As always, the full set of photographs from today is up on the Make Your Day Flickr.



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I started this morning at 7:30am in Civic with a full box of Jumbo Chalk.

I finished at 12:30pm at Fellow’s Oval with significantly less chalk.

Over the course of the morning, I walked a hell of a long way and drew 41 hopscotches of varying shapes (but all the traditional 10square size).

Today’s project raised an issue that I was aware would eventually crop up, but wasn’t really sure how to deal with – is it still causing happiness if I’m not there to see it?

The obvious answer is yes, of course it is. But it’s a tricky issue – I don’t know if all 41 hopscotches got hopped on. I’m going to take a wild guess and say no, they didn’t. But I know some of them did, because I saw people hopping on them. Not a lot of people, but the first guy I saw made my day, and all the others were just a bonus.

I would probably consider an event a failure if I didn’t get any positive feedback at all. But today I saw a guy hop through one of the hopscotches without even breaking his stride; a man walked past as I was drawing one and did a little hopscotch dance; a lot of people smiled at me; and one man laughed and told me he was too old for hopscotches. That’s enough for me.

These aren’t easy things to document. I do the best I can, but it’s hard to pin down a smile from a passerby. In any case, I saw enough smiles today to satisfy me.

Photos of most of the hopscotches are up on the Make Your Day photostream.



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