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Today is Day Twenty-One.

I am… a lot of things. Amazed. Delighted. Relieved. Sad. Exhausted. And a little bit disbelieving. There is a lot to say, but I’m going to save it for tomorrow, once I’ve had a chance to absorb it all a little more.

For today’s project, I hung red balloons in my favourite tree at the primary school I went too.

I have fond, fond memories of that place – primary school was great; and that tree in particular… I spent a lot of time hanging out near that tree. That’s where I waited every morning and afternoon; we played ridiculous tree related games there at lunch and recess, or just flopped down in the shade on hot days; and one afternoon I spent 45 minutes stuck in that tree because everybody else had gone home and I couldn’t get down. Good times.

A brief note on today’s project: this is probably one of the least sensible projects I’ve done. Going to a primary school at midnight: not a good idea (hi there, security guard). Lurking at said primary school at drop off time with a camera and a telephoto lens: not a good idea (hi there, angry parents). Again, huge thanks to Pig and Kev, who have spent the last 3 weeks not only putting up with my insanity, but actively helping me realise it. Today’s project would never have gotten off the ground if they hadn’t been willing to help out (quite literally – they did all the high branches!). Thanks again, guys. Love you.

It was nice to finish up with a project where I did get to see the reactions. I lurked at the school from about 8:30 onwards, and watched as the kids arrived.

It was brilliant. I’m not quite sure how I was expecting the kids to react (I hadn’t really thought beyond the beautiful visual of a balloon tree), so I was pleasantly suprised when the immediate reaction was to pull the balloons out of the tree and start popping them!

It may sound strange to say I was thrilled that my project had been pretty much entirely demolished by 8:45am, but it was honestly fantastic. I cannot count the times over the last 3 weeks that I have watched someone look at one of my projects, consider it, and then very carefully Not Touch it. Seeing these kids just throw themselves in and go for it was great – they weren’t thinking “what is this? is it a trap?”, they were thinking “ooh, balloon!”

They obviously had fun with it, so I think today’s project was entirely successful. They laughed, I heard them.

Today’s project title Anti-Climax is not intended to reflect badly on today’s project. I think it was the perfect way to tie my project up – I didn’t want to do some amazing arena spectacular event. I wanted something small, beautiful, and everyday. Because happiness should happen every day. This is the “end” of my 21 Days of Organized Joy, but the joy will carry on. Today’s project is called Anti-Climax because joy should never climax – I want it to go on and on forever.

And in some way, it will. I will talk about this more tomorrow, in my final reflection, but – I think I’ve started to find where I want to go with my art and with my life. This project may have come to a close; but the concept is going to live on for a very, very, long time.

And, for the last time, may I say: many more photos up on the Anti-Climax set on the Make Your Day Flickr.



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Today’s event – happy “road signs” all over Canberra Northside – is one that I’ve been preparing for the last week or so, and I am incredibly excitied to actually see the results. Just to note: No public property was harmed in the making of this project – the signs are all attatched to the poles using zip-ties.

I made a variety of signs out of MDF (kindly jigsaw’d by Andrew), and spray painted stencils onto them. They’re not the most professional looking of signs, but I actually really like the obviously homemade aesthetic. I think it reminds people that these signs didn’t just appear; somebody created them and deliberately left them there.

The signs are scattered all about the place in the northern suburbs of Canberra. I deliberately avoided main roads, so as not to distract people doing 80km/hour.

I think the signs turned out really nicely. Again, this is a hard project to gauge people’s reactions to, and I just have to rely on the feedback I’m getting from the photographs. Which has been positive, so something must have gone right.

The “right way keep going” sign and the “:)” sign are my two favourite. Unfortunately the right way keep going was the first sign I stenciled, so I hadn’t quite gotten the technique down yet, but oh well.

Huge thanks to Piggy and Kev, who went out very early in the AM with me last night to put the signs up. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, guys – thanks so much.

More photographs are up on the Directions Set on the Flickr.



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If I was an American, I’d plead the fifth. As it is, today’s post is pic heavy, word light.

More photographs on today’s set on the flickr.



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So, I was up before the sun this morning to hang a morning greeting from the bridge across Belconnen way. I’m like some sort of joyful Canberran Santa, but with less beard, less red, and less fat. Just to note, I am more or less incoherent with exhaustion. The sunrise was worth it, though.

I think the banner came off quite well – it was large enough to read; but not so large as to be unmanagable.

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to fasten it to the bridge properly and it would fly off, cause an accident, and I would be the first ever ANU Art student to kill someone in the pursuit of art; but thankfully 8 ties, a lot of thread; and a roll of tape secured it well enough. I did take the banner down myself though – I was very uncomfortable with the idea of leaving it there unsupervised.

It was pretty hard to gauge people’s reactions, given that they were in fast moving cars – but some people honked at the banner, so I at least I know it got noticed.

Today was fairly exhausting, but satisfying. I hope everyone had a good day today.

More photos on Today’s Set on the Flickr.



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Day Ten: Bottle Drop

Today I left messages in bottles throughout Belconnen.

Each bottle contained a handwritten note with a positive message on it. I made sure the notes were sticking out of the top of the bottle, so people would be sure to notice them and not confuse the bottles with rubbish.

I left 30 bottle messages in all sorts of places – some discreet, some obvious. I know at least two of them were discovered – a friend heard some people joking about one of them; and when I went back past another the message was gone but the bottle was still there. I hope someone got a smile from that one.

The bottle drop went pretty well, apart from the weather. It intermittently poured with rain, which complicated things a little. I ended up having to call the drop off early, when it started bucketing down and I stopped being able to feel my toes.

Photos of most of the dropped bottles are up on the Bottle Drop Set on the Make Your Day Flickr.



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