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The write-up for Day Fifteen is a day late because I successfully mashed my finger too badly to type. It seems to be operable this morning, though.

Yesterday I left 1001 positive messages throughout civic and surrounds. 1001 is a lovely sounding number, but it is actually an amazing amount of cards.

With the help of my dear friend Jena, civic was pretty much covered in cards. We left them everywhere.



One of my favourite things to do was leaving positive messages inside books.

I like to imagine that someone is going to find one of these in a few months time, and have a little smile.

I know some people smiled – we lurked in Nandos after distributing some there, and the people who found them reacted quite favourably. Lots of laughs, and some people took them away with them. It was a good day, and I really enjoyed myself. Thanks again to Jena – she made the day a lot more possible.

Lots of photos on the 1001 set on the flickr.



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